Am I An Ajumma For K-pop?

Am I An Ajumma For K-pop?

Ok! So you clicked this post. Maybe it was just an accident, or maybe someone has shared this in your feed and you had nothing to read. But for whatever reason, I bet you once questioned yourself, “am I too old for K-pop?”

The sad truth of being a Hallyu fan for almost 2 decades is that I feel I’m done from being a “Noona” and turned in to an “Ajumma” in K-pop fandom world.

It seems like yesterday when I fell in love with Wonder Girls’ Nobody. Their S line figures, catchy lyrics, and awesome choreography (well that year) opened my heart and ears to K-pop world. And while reminiscing those wonderful days, it suddenly hit me – it’s been 10 years since ‘Nobody’ was released. HEOOOOOOOLLLL!!!

I know I’ve been listening to K-pop for long, but I never imagine it was already a decade. Though I’m a big fan of BigBang, it was only in 2009 when I knew about them after watching their song with 2ne1, Lollipop. I never felt that I’m old since I have the same age with G-dragon and Taeyang. But now, I’m starting to get old and idols who debut each year are getting younger.


Why Do I feel like An Ajumma?

  • I’m freaking (turning) 30 and average fandoms’ ages range from 14-24

Earlier, I was reading my twitter feed and saw this tweet from Soompi about my babies, Winner. I love this group and I consider myself an Inner Circle. I was about to comment on that tweet, but I can’t help from noticing a tweet from a fellow InCle. What freaked me out (while stalking at her page) is that I discovered that this fellow fan is just 14 years old. *Ouch

  • I’m freaking (turning) 30 and idols were usually born in the 90s or 00s.

I’m a fan of reality shows! And Produce 101 Season 2 is one of the few shows that I became emotionally invested. Right from the beginning, I was pretty aware that these kiddos are young. But never did I imagine that they’ll be like a toddler in my world. I had this mantra that I kept on repeating while watching the show, “Nats they are younger than you. Treat them as your dongsaengs ‘coz they can never be an oppa.” *it worked! #WhereDidMyOppasGo

  • I’m freaking (turning) 30 and my friends who’re into K-pop calls me Noona

I was a discreet and in denial K-pop fan who silently cheering and screaming for my Oppas then. And it was only in Dubai where I made friends with fellow fans. Funny that most of them are younger than me. So I guess I’m an ajumma noona after all.

Should I stop listening to K-pop? Advice on fellow fans.

I always believed that there is no age limit for music and guilty pleasures like K-pop. It is not a sin to jump and scream for your favorite groups, whether they’re older or younger than you – but just do it maturely. Don’t think that since you’ve been in a fandom for years, is that you know better than the younger fans (this same goes for the young ones).

Never feel that you are old to be a fan! The beauty of K-pop is that it has this magic to bring out our inner younger selves – free and happy! Even if you’re in your late 20s, 30s or 40s you totally deserve to feel young again.


Bigbang celebrated their 11th year anniversary, and I can still see myself as a VIP even if I’m in my 40s.


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