Annyeong Chingu

Annyeong Chingu

Annyeong! Here I am, trying to figure out how to start with this blog? Boy, I thought this will be easy, but is not! So instead of letting myself go gaga on thinking of a topic for my first post, let me have a brief introduction of myself then.

My name is Nathalia Cermino-Dimaano, but most of my friends call me Nats. I’m a UAE-based radio presenter or disc jockey and I go by the name “Chikay” on TAG 91.1. I have an eccentric personality and taste in fashion. Unique is my middle name. 🙂

In late 2005, I started to write my own blog out of boredom. Though short-lived, I can still remember the excitement of being able to express myself to my 0 to 5 readers.  And my lovely mom is one of those who are forced to click my links. (Thanks Mangkie for your endless support…)

His version of Disneyland… Bucketlist—Check! 🇨🇭 #wheninswitzerland #lejndary #swissalps

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It’s almost three years since I got hitched to a wonderful guy named John. Funny how our relationship proved the saying, “opposite poles attract.” We are the exact opposites of each other! Despite our differences, we shared same dreams and ambitions in life. Back in the Philippines, John and I never had the chance to go out on a trip. Would you believe me if I say that I’ve never been to famous places such as Boracay, Palawan, and Baguio?  When we moved in the UAE, we promised ourselves to travel and see the world. Every year, we will visit at least one of our dream destinations.

My husband has a busier schedule than I am. And that makes me alone at home most of the time. Instead of going out, I always head home and do my ‘thing’. You can either see me in front of the tv binging on the latest K-drama and K-reality shows or inside my kitchen rummaging my ref and experimenting with new recipes. This simple hobby of mine kept me busy while waiting for my husband to go home.

So there you go! That somehow wraps up the 1/100 of my life. I’m hoping to meet friends that will welcome, cheer and inspire me (and vice versa) as I move forward in my “blogging life.”

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