Bounce Back From Rejection

Bounce Back From Rejection

Do you remember the very first moment you got rejected? When your first love dumped you, or the time you failed the job interview, or when you don’t fit the dress you wanted to wear. We all encounter different faces of rejection, be it within our family, friends, or the society.

There are people who sulk on rejection, but there are those smart enough who managed to bounce back and became stronger. How to deal rejections? How to stand tall when things are not working out?

1. Be honest with what you really feel.

It is not a sin to feel sad, dismayed, embarrassed or discouraged when you are rejected. Being honest with your feelings is a way for you to feel that you are after all a human. Avoid pretending you’re okay, and later on breakdown because you can no longer handle the pain.

Give yourself a day or two to feel down, and wake up the next morning with a clear mind that’s ready to take another step in life.

2. Be the ‘friend’ you need.

Avoid getting mad at yourself because you failed on something. Shake off those negative feelings and be kind to yourself.  Moments like this, we need someone to encourage us and help us feel better about ourselves.

Talk to yourself like how a trusted friend will cheer you, or a mom who will lift you, or a mentor who will guide you.

3. Don’t let rejection define who you are.

If you tend to generalize yourself after being rejected, stop! One’s opinions or single incident doesn’t define who you are. Never allow failures be your ‘middle name.’ It’s not the end of the world, again stop.

4. Assess your actions and make a plan.

Revisit your actions and assess maybe you’re pushing yourself too much out of your comfort zone. Honestly, this is a good indication, because you’ll recognize your effort to improve your life. Rejection will somehow prove that you are not as complacent as you may think.

Jot down the things that might have gone wrong and think of the ways to address it. Rejection can be the first stage for you to improve the things that are not working out and turn that ‘no’ into ‘yes’.

5. Put yourself out there. (Again and again.)

Compare life to driving, you’ll never know how good you are if you’re afraid to be on the road. Put those notes into action, if you fail, try again. Mix and match solutions to find the right formula to your success. Have a mantra to strengthen your mind.

Though rejection exudes negativity, it is not always bad. When treated right, it helps you grow. Instead of babying the pain it brought in your life, use it as an opportunity to grow in your world. With rejection, we have the chance to be the best versions of ourselves. Start taking that step and bounce back!

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