Deefusionista Meets EXO In Dubai

Deefusionista Meets EXO In Dubai

Annyeong Chingu! My EXO -L heart can’t move on! I had an up-close encounter with EXO during their visit to Dubai last January 16! And I’m honestly still in heaven since then.

It was in 2017 when the news broke out that EXO’s single ‘Power’ was chosen to be the first ever K-pop song that’ll be featured in the Dubai Fountain. As an EXO-L, my anticipation is so high. I won’t deny the fact that I had a wishful thinking that the boys will visit the Middle East. And came December, where Dubai Tourism and Calendar confirmed that the boys are coming!

My friend and I were so excited about the news and looked for ways to see them. Unfortunately, none from twitter world knows their itinerary or even if they’ll be complete. Dubai Calendar had a competition for a meet and greet with the boys, but even winners of such competition are unaware of any further deets.

Luckily, Dubai Tourism invited Media to cover the event and I was grateful enough to witness the press conference. Each of the press is asked to come up with a question for the boys that they did answer during the presscon. Here’s a video of me asking how they juggle their time as part of their group and also their outside projects.


I won’t deny the fact that it’s been a struggle for me to hide my fangirling during the presscon. I keep on reminding myself that I’m there not just a fan but a part of media that represents our radio station. Seeing them up close is surreal and something that I will always remember. 

Deefusionista Meets EXO Presscon

I hope you don’t mind my crazy bangs and blurry face. Of all the days, I decided to drastically cut my bangs before meeting EXO.

P.S. Bad foreground yet memorable background!

After the presscon, we head outside (in front of the Dubai Fountain), to witness the launch of Power. I was literally shocked how many fans stood for hours and waited patiently to see the boys. I can’t help but get teary eyed for their support as they chant and screamed for EXO. Though I only had 5% left on my battery (due to excessive posting on social media), I managed to do a live video. If you haven’t seen it yet (and up close), here it is. Your welcome darling *heart *wink

It was indeed a memorable day not only for me but for all EXO-Ls and multifandom who were present that day. And we can’t help but feel much more excited in the coming months, as EXO confirmed that they’re coming back soon in Dubai. Not just as team, but the whole SM Town is having a concert soon. Now I’m starting to save! 🙂


Check the MV of EXO’s Power here. Their song will be included in Dubai Fountain’s song list until March 2018.

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