Dress Like A K-pop Idol Without Looking You’re Trying Hard

Dress Like A K-pop Idol Without Looking You’re Trying Hard

So you’re a fan with a wardrobe filled with K-pop inspired outfits. But how come it’s always a struggle for you to put up a nice ensemble without letting people feel that you tried so much! Dear friends, if people around you think that you are forcing yourself to look like your idols, I think there’s a need for you to revisit your choices.

As much as we want to resemble like our idols, we should also consider that not all trends fit us. Yes, K-pop stars can rock baggy clothes or striking colors, but we might look hideous if wear that. Don’t waste your money trying to keep up with what’s in, instead learn the tips and tricks in dressing like a K-pop idol without looking you’re trying hard.

Here’s a friendly advice from a fellow fan who’ve been there, done that (and sometimes still do it).

1. PRINTS? Bold choice, but there’s a science to nail that fashion.

Prints are easy to deal with if you’ll pair it with a solid color, but how about matching it with another print? Yes, clashing prints such as stripes and plaids or floral and polka dots do go together. But it could be tricky if you are doing it without a knowledge on the do’s and don’t of prints on prints.

  • Look for matching or complimenting colors in your outfits. Instead of paying more attention to the kind of print you want to mix, check first if their colors look good together.
  • Try to break the heavy prints by using a solid color, it can be a cami or shirt or maybe a coat or cardigans.

2. OVER-SIZED TEES OR SHIRTS? Cool, but wear some pants or tuck it in!

I don’t know if its just me or what, but it is not pleasing to people who wear oversized shirts as if they just woke up and still in their pajamas. I gotta be honest! There was a point in my life that I’m guilty on this, but after seeing my dugyot self in the mirror I realized it’s time to stop.

There’s nothing wrong wearing over-sized shirts since it’s one of the most comfortable pieces in our wardrobes. But please wear some decent pants or tuck it in or learn to accessorize so you won’t look like you accidentally wore your pajamas at work or school. If you are planning to make this shirt a dress, just make sure its long enough. Check this video to have an idea on ways to rock this fashion.

3. LAYERING CLOTHES? Sure, but there’s a proper way to do this.

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Scared of ‘layering?’ Don’t! But before you scan your closet and put on everything you see, familiarize yourself first with the theory. In layering, always remember to start with the thinnest to the thickest material. Don’t overdo your layering by wearing 5 pieces of clothing under the scorching heat. Try to at least check if the weather agrees with you.

One of my favorite bloggers is Chriselle Lim, she has a series of style 101s and her layering tips are the best!

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4. ATHLEISURE? Yas! But please don’t make this an excuse to dress up.

And once again… I’m guilty! But before we head and discuss this trend, let us stop and admire BTS and how they rock the athleisure department!



Let’s proceed!

So if you have plans to embrace and nail the trend called athleisure, try to make sure that you are not using this as an excuse to dress up. So instead of going for the usual (sweatpants, training shoes, et.al), try to mix things up! Wear a statement sneakers or textured joggers or pants. Try to break the rules!

5. FIVE TRENDS IN ONE #OOTD? Eh…Ah…Ughm… Please don’t!

Unless you’re BLACKPINK and can get away wearing a choker, oversized midrib sweater, bold and striking prints, and fishnet without looking like a Christmas tree or pinata. Kidding!

But just like prints on prints, wearing more than 3 trends in one outfit is very crucial. I know sometimes we have this thing that we get too excited about our new items and tend to wear them all at once. I know I saw an article (sorry, I can’t remember where) that says that it’s okay to wear 2-3 trends at once but that’s the minimum. Overdoing it will make you look hideous. #Thatsthetruth

It’s not wrong to follow your K-pop idols and try your best to look like them. But just bear in mind, though no matter how pleasing their outfits look on screen, it that doesn’t mean it looks good on us. So instead of being impulsive in buying clothes, let’s check first if a trend is for us or not.

Make K-pop idols your inspiration in curating your wardrobe, but don’t let their style run your life. Don’t waste money on expensive clothes that you’ll just wear once, instead look for a trend – that they started or set- that you think would speak of who you are and what you want people to see!

You go, friend! I’m cheering for you! As a gift let’s pause, listen and watch EXO’s Kokobop which is awesome btw! An explosion of trends and sexiness!

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