5 Reasons Why Having Many Friends Didn’t Work For Me

5 Reasons Why Having Many Friends Didn’t Work For Me

And a real sad story begins here…NAAAAH!

One thing about me, despite being a radio presenter who’s expected to be bubbly and friendly all the time, I only keep few friends. By few I mean, REALLY few. When I was younger, I never experienced to be in big groups, the most is 5. Not because I’m being picky with friends, but there are only few who can fully embrace my mood swings and weirdness – true story.

There’s a point in my life, I question myself why having big barkadas didn’t work for me. And I found 5 reasons that might also work for you.

1. You wanted friends who don’t demand your presence 24/7 but remained loyal.

I have girlfriends back in the Philippines that I only see once a year. I feel ecstatic every time we’re together because it always feels like yesterday, it seems like we’ve never been apart from each other. We’ve always been like that, never we demanded each other’s time and respected if someone begs off on a hangout. Despite our differences, we rarely fight, and if we do, we tried our best to fix it right away. “Walang kampihan at sawsawan,” that’s our rule. 

2. You understand the concept, “Few Friends = Less Stress.”

Unlike having a big group of friends, I’d always go for fewer ones, because it is easier to know the ‘real’ them. It was only recently when I made friends outside of work, and I couldn’t be happier to meet ladies who I know are for keeps (and less stress).

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3. In the group, you need to hear more real talk, and less $**%#*@+.

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by friends who give you tons of compliments? Well, I definitely do! But, as I mature, I realized that I need friends who aren’t afraid to be honest with me.  Truth hurts, but it makes you stronger. Real talk helps you grow, and be a better person. There are actions that you find fine, but offensive for some. Friends are like your conscience, they bug you till you understand, but they mean well.

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4. You value the ‘friendship’ more.

I value friendship more than ever. I used to be “tampururot and iyakin,” and easily get offended with jokes. But having few friends made me realize that I should get-over these ‘negatrons.“Kung magtatamputampuhan pa ako, mas lalo ako mawawalan ng friends.” 

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5. You don’t simply make friends, but family.

Should I explain more? I may have few friends, but every one of them is treated as my family. Even my fans/supporter back home are treated as my younger sisters and brothers.

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There’s nothing wrong if someone opts to have lots of friends or fewer than I have. But what matters the most is how we value our these people in our lives and treat them the way they should be. We can allow everyone to enter our life, but keep this in mind: “Some of them will leave and break you, but some are there to love and stay.”


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