Hashtags That Bring Out The Girl Boss In You

Hashtags That Bring Out The Girl Boss In You

What does it take to be a girl boss?

A girl boss may mean different things to different people, but for me, it refers to someone who knows what she wants, deserves and worth. Someone who isn’t afraid of chasing her dreams, facing her fears, and winning her battles! Independent, fierce, tough, achiever and successful are only a few adjectives to describe a girl boss.

If you are one of those women who wants to be in charge of their lives, why not try to live by these hashtags and bring out the girl boss in you.


Being true to yourself makes a lot of difference. Some women pretended to be somebody they’re not just to fit in a group. Remember, you must not simply let family, friends, or others dictate who you should become. It’s you who are in charge of that steering wheel of life.

Therefore, learn to acknowledge your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Never be afraid in embracing your uniqueness and being proud of your flaws.


A cliché for most of you, but this is one of the best hashtags that a girl boss should imbibe! Many women dream of being on the top of the world — well who doesn’t? They worked too hard to be the best up to the point their career is all that they think of. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a sin to be successful. But sometimes, you should also realize, life should not only revolve in the four corners of your office. Therefore, learn to have fun!

Instead of hustling and bustling in your job, try to redirect your energy and give yourself a break. Call your girlfriends on a Friday night and have fun, or travel on a weekend with your special someone. Give your self the time to slow down, chill, and begin again.


Gone those times where wives are left at home taking care of her family, while her husband is out working. Women are capable of doing a lot of things, and modesty aside we nail every job we chose to focus on. A real girl boss thinks positively and exerts an effort to prove that she can, rather than give up without even starting.

#SizeIsJustANumber or #AgeIsJustANumber

It’s not the dress size or the age that will determine what you are capable of doing, but it’s your experience and maturity! I know it’s hard to be fully confident of your body or age if there are social media that influence body image. This is the reality, where most of our lives we feel insecure thinking that we can never have the ‘it’ factor to stand out. So, STOP!

Shake-off that uncertainty and gather all the love you can give to yourself. Be proud of the woman you are! Not because of your size or age, but because of what you have become despite the struggles and criticisms of life.

Now it’s time to stand tall! Gather all forces, and show the world you’re the BOSS!

CUE IN MUSIC: “Who runs the world…GIRLS!” – BEYONCE


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