I’m A K-drama Fan | Annyeong Chingu

I’m A K-drama Fan | Annyeong Chingu

Why do I love K-dramas? People around me wonder.

I have a long list of reasons to justify my obsession, but as much I want to share it all, I need ‘forever’ for me to finish. K-dramas, unlike western series, is hard to understand if you don’t speak the language. And getting obsessed with this kind of shows needs a lot of patience from its viewers. Patience in waiting for subtitles to come out, cliffhanger episode endings, or for your OTPs or ship to finally sail.

When the original plan is to study but ended up watching sageuk… 😭

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I believe in love at first sight! I fell head over heels with K-drama after watching the first episode of  Endless Love: Autumn In My Heart back in 2003. Yes, it’s almost 2 decades since I started this obsession.

It seems like yesterday where my mom and I bond over a cup of ice cream and talk about life and latest K-drama. And as a form of our mother-daughter bonding, we visit China Town in Davao City to search for Manong Kuya’s DVD DVD.

If you gonna ask me what genre I love the most…hmmm…That will be tough to answer. I enjoy romantic comedies, especially during my first decade of binging on K-dramas. As of the moment, I enjoy Sageuk (historical drama) and crime genres.

Touristy pose in SMTown… A throwback from last week’s escapade… #leJNdary #seoul

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Annyeong Chingu

Are you new to watching Korean drama series? Or someone who wants to understand why there are a lot of your friends gone gaga to this trend? Or, just like me, trying to figure out if you’ve missed watching an awesome drama in the past years? Want to know the latest trends in Korean fashion and beauty? Want to visit Korea soon?  Then you this is the perfect place for you girlfriend!

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