The Only Reason You Need To Watch School 2017

The Only Reason You Need To Watch School 2017

School 2017 is almost halfway through, but there you are still weighing things whether to watch or not the series. Maybe some will have doubts in giving this series a chance since the lead stars are not as famous as their favorite artist? Or maybe they’ve been busy with their fully loaded schedules.

For whatever reason, I know you just need an angel *cough *cough to convince you in giving this a try. And that’s where I come in! Dear friends, you just need only one…yes, ONE reason to start binge-watching School 2017! Are you ready?


And this is not just randomly picking words from the air, but truthfully there is a basis to this.

School 2017 is the 7th season of the School franchise that premiered in 1999. And believe it or not! There’s a long list of famous Hallyu stars that started their career with the said series. Actors and actresses who became in demand after landing a role in the series. And here are the few of those big names:

Actor Jang Hyuk was a cast member of the first series in 1999. School 1 became his stepping stone in becoming a recognizable star.

In the school sequel, Actress Ha Ji Won played the role as a troubled teen. Though being in the entertainment industry years before, it was that role that made her become one of the sought-after stars.

Jo In Sung took home the Youth Actor award for his performance in School 3. And from that first award, he became one of the biggest names in Korea.

Oooooh! The hot and famous stars Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs & Uncontrollably Fond) and Lee Jong Suk (W & Pinnochio) are two of the most bankable stars in Korea.

But did you know that these two famous actors both got their big break as the lead stars for School 2013?

Their bromance totally wrecked other ships in K-drama world that time. Both gave an outstanding performance making them both bag the Best New Actor Awards (Woo Bin – APAN Star Awards | Jong Suk – KBS Drama Awards)

One of my favorites was the year 2015.  I cheered and shipped BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and Kim So Hyun in this series. But I clearly remember that year, there were also tons of fans shipping Nam Joo Hyuk and So Hyun.

And since we’re talking about Sungjae’s break in K-drama world, I can’t help but share to you this funny yet amazing fact. It seems like Sungjae is meant to play a role in School 2015 since his Samchons (in Goblin) were both casts of former School franchise.

Yes, both Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook shared their acting prowess to the long history of School installments. Before becoming the Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo had his very first role as Hwang Tae Young in School 4 in 2001. Whilst, Dong Wook portrays the role Lee Kang San not once, but twice, in back-to-back seasons of the show (School 2 and 3).

This was a long post for ‘one reason’, but I hope I somehow justified my claim that you might miss the next big Hallyu star. School 2017 has been receiving raving reviews. And people can’t help but to applaud the performance of the cast and oozing chemistry of the lead characters.

This actually lead me to start watching School 2017, with hopes that the kids I’m seeing on the screen are the “Next Big Thing.”

Watch the School 2017 trailer here:

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