Top 5 Fashion Staples To Buy This Dubai Summer Surprises

Top 5 Fashion Staples To Buy This Dubai Summer Surprises

There’s no question on Dubai being one of the best shopping destination in the world. There are countless SALES every year but there are only major shopping seasons that you should never miss. One is Dubai Summer Surprises, a six-week long sale that will end this August 12.

Yes, this is the last leg! If you haven’t decided yet on what to splurge this DSS let me help you out.

Winter Clothes

The clock is ticking. Though it still summer, this season is the best time to splurge on winter essentials. Start visiting shops and look for cheap, yet quality parkas, wool overcoats, winter jackets, and cashmere sweaters.


Little Black Dress

DSS is a mall wide sale and there is no reason for you not to spot the little black dress that your wardrobe deserves. Instead of going to simple A line cut black dress, go for something that has structure or texture or both. Embrace the personality of an elegant black dress that you can see on the rack of your favorite shops. Mine will always be on Zara’s.

Travel-Ready Trench Coat

If you don’t have one yet, it’s the time to buy! A classic trench coat matches any outfit. It is a timeless piece that is a real must-have. But if you have an eccentric personality, like me, go for a modern and colored one. Embrace your uniqueness girl.

Tease Tees

Yeah, we can always find cheap tees even if it’s not on sale. But I believe, we should also consider investing in good quality tees that can stand through time (washing-time). Basic tees can always be dressed up and down. It boils down on how you accessorize and spice it up!

Head-Turner Accessories

OOOH, accessories are like garnish on your #OOTD. (Sorry for a very bad example) But seriously, it can always give your outfit that personality you need even if you don’t feel like dressing up. During DSS, I always allot money on accessories, especially on earrings. Over necklaces, I’d always go on statement earrings because it is always easier to make earrings look more expensive.

So there are my Top 5 staples to buy this DSS. So head to your room, check your closet and list down all that’s missing or you want to add to your collection. Enjoy shopping girls. Hope to see you around in the malls this weekend.

P.S. If you see me roaming around IBN Batuta or Mall of the Emirates tomorrow, say hi, ayt?


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